ESMT Open Lecture with
Stefan Imme

Me, myself, and eID – The business case for digital identity in Germany today

In cooperation with the Digital Society Institute Berlin (DSI) 

Moderator: Isabel Skierka, Program Lead Technology Politics & Researcher, Digital Society Institute, ESMT Berlin

November 15, 2021 from 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. CET via Zoom

Who are you online? Digital identity technologies are redefining who we are as consumers and as citizens. Our sense of self has become a matter of the online services we access, the platforms we frequent, and the digital footprints we leave behind. No wonder then that authority over digital identity and digital sovereignty is being fought by Big Tech, governments, and advocates in the court of public opinion.  Governments and companies see the great economic potential and political power of creating digital identity schemes. What will this mean for who you are in that future? 

In our November Open Lecture, Stefan Imme, the chief digital officer (CDO) at Volkswagen Financial Services, will discuss the strategic significance of digital identity for society and business. How should access to digital identity data be governed? What requirements should define a trustworthy and usable digital identity technology? And how should the public and private sectors cooperate to protect consumers while delivering business innovation globally? Imme will discuss these and other questions, using the example of eID at Volkswagen and initiatives by governments to strengthen EU digital sovereignty in an age of Big Tech. 

The lecture will be followed by an interactive Q&A on current themes and trends on digital identification and related services.


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